Thursday, August 18, 2022

Chümou district to come under ILP purview from Aug 1

Chümoukedima district will come under the preview of ILP with effect from August 1, 2022.
As per a notification issued in this regard by deputy commissioner Chümoukedima Abhinav Shivam, every non-indigenous person entering the district would be required to obtain an ILP in the same mode and manner as presently required for entering the ILP area of Nagaland and under the same condition as provided in the May 3, 2018 notification.
Also, every non-indigenous person who had settled or had entered the district that was previously not covered under ILP before the latest notification and on or after November 21, 1979, the day when Chümoukedima was constituted as a tribal belt, would be required to obtain ILP within 90 days from the date of issue of the current notification.
However, every non-indigenous person who had settled or had entered Chümoukedima district prior to November 21, 1979 when ILP was not in force and had been staying continuously would be exempted along with his/her direct descendants from the requirement of having an ILP, subject to him/her producing evidence in the form of documents like name in the electoral roll, land/property documents, house tax, name in the electoral roll of town committee, school records, trade licences, etc, before the DC.
Subsequently, on the basis of the submitted documents and after holding such inquiry that was deemed fit and necessary, the DC would certify that the person in question had been staying continuously from prior to November 21, 1979. Such persons, on the strength of the certificate issued by the DC, would not be required to obtain ILP.
Also, any non-indigenous person passing through Chümoukedima district to other State as a transit passenger and having a valid ticket would not be required to obtain ILP.
The DC urged GBs and village council chairmen concerned to disseminate the information and ensure the enrolment of ILP for all non-local persons within their respective jurisdiction.
The Chümoukedima district administration would carry out regular verification/checking of ILP within the district, the notification added.


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