Monday, October 3, 2022

Closing check gates will nothamper law & order: CP Dimapur

Staff Reporter

Following state government order to ban all check gates, except the inter-state check gates in view of complaints regarding “alleged illegal taxations”, a total of eight intra-state check gates set up in Chümoukedima and Nuiland districts have been shutdown while 17 inter-state check gates set up in Dimapur district continue to operate.
According to a report by office of the Commissionerate of Police (CP) Dimapur, a copy of which is available with Nagaland Post, seven intra-state check gates set up within Chümoukedima district and two intra-state check gates set up within Nuiland district were shut down on May 19, 2022. The following inter-state check gates continue to operate:
Inter-state New Field Check Gate: Nagaland Police, Excise, Forest, Motor vehicle Inspector, Dimapur Municipal Council, Geology and Mining, Veterinary
Inter-state Dellai check gate: Nagaland Police, Excise, Forest, Motor vehicle Inspector, Dimapur Municipal Council, Geology and Mining, Veterinary.
Inter-state Khatkhati check gate: Nagaland Police, Veterinary, Dimapur Municipal Council
Interacting with Nagaland Post, CP Dimapur, Rothihu Tetseo said Nagaland Police intra-state check gates which were functioning under the Police Commissionerate have been closed and sealed and all temporary structures completely dismantled.
Commenting on closing down of police check gates, Tetseo said if the citizens feel that check gates were “liability” then there was no reason for check gates to be set up.
“We have to follow government order. It is the wisdom of the government. The decision was taken in the interest of the state,” said Tetseo.
“Whether there is a check gate or no check gate, police function will continue so removal of check gates should not hamper the law and order and this should not be an advantage for extortionist or any criminal activities,” said Tetseo.
When asked to comment on racket of illegal collections and harassment of transporters by anti-social elements, Tetseo said police escorts were being provided to transporters and special patrolling have been set up at Dellai check gate and New Field Check gate where IRB and patrolling parties remain vigilant 24×7.
“We are putting extra efforts in Dellai and New Field zones for which a team has been mobilised. Police force is always present in these zones,” said Tetseo.
He also mentioned that Dimapur Action Plan was operational and continues to check illegal activities.
While admitting that police have been at the receiving end of “many allegations”, Tetseo, however, said the policeforce remain undeterred and continue to maintain law-and-order and provide security to the people.
It may be mentioned that to combat alleged illegal collection of money from the vehicles at check gates and at other locations across Nagaland, the state government on May 19 ordered closure of all police check gates, except the existing inter-state check gates.
The order said the check gates set up by other departments including municipal and town councils shall be closed down, except the inter-state check gates, which was allowed to function till May 31 beyond which a specific approval had to be obtained from the home department.

Officials inspect check gates in Dmu

Following the Home department’s order banning all check gates across the State, Dimapur district administration inspection team on Saturday conducted checking at various locations.
As directed by the state government, all check gates including those setup by various agencies and departments remained shut.
Further, as per the directives of the deputy commissioner to obtain regular reports from the inspection team on the alleged illegal collection of money from the vehicles at check gates and other locations, the inspection team carried out their first inspection at Khakhati check gate, New Field check gate and Dillai check gate.
The inspection was team led by the chairman and ADC H. Atokhe Aye and committee members SDO(C) Sadar, Zubenthung Ngullie; EAC Dimapur Sadar, assistant commissioner of police; district transport officer and DPRO officials
The team visited various locations to ensure that no unauthorized check gates were functional and that there was no case of illegal collection of money by anyone at the permitted check gates.
During the inspection, Atokhe Aye directed the persons in charge of check gates to strictly follow the orders set by the state government. The official also warned that if anyone was found indulging in any illegal activity, action would be taken as per the law.