Tuesday, July 5, 2022

CM, UDA govt not ready for Naga political solution: Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee

Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC) has accused United Democratic Alliance (UDA) government led by chief minister Neiphiu Rio of not being ready for a solution yet to the Naga political issue.
In a statement, NPCC president K.Therie accused the UDA government and the chief minister of never having asked the Central government to go ahead with the settlement.
According to the NPCC chief, the State government realises that the people of Nagaland wanted to implement the “Agreed Position” signed by the Centre with Working Committee of Naga National Political Groups, as they know that as per the Framework Agreement (FA) sovereignty and integration were ruled out . Therefore, he said for Nagaland, talks had concluded.
In view of this, Therie said what Dr SC Jamir had stated should have been stated by Rio, if he was for Nagas of Nagaland. He noted that even Manipur chief minister had in the presence of NPF minister, who supported BJP-led government in Manipur, hadstated that nothing could be given.
He reminded that past Manipur chief ministershad also made it clear that not an inch of land would be parted with. “Manipur peoples’ Govt surely deserves respect in democracy and since NPF is also a part of Manipur peoples Govt, it reflects NSCN(IM) too,” Therie stated.
He alleged that Rio, after being elected leader of the House and serving as chief minister for almost 20 years, was not worried about the people of Nagaland for money and lacked courage and wisdom to bring settlement.
Therie further alleged that Rio could not reason with the Centre, nor with NSCN(I-M) leaders to solve the problem, adding that he was under pressure as BJP was doing everything to humiliate him.
The NPCC president alleged Rio would do everything possible to save his alliance with BJP at the cost of 48 MLAs and the Christian population of Nagaland, and even abandon his friends to save himself.
He asserted that the FA would have no impact on Nagaland as per its last paragraph “we have rejected Pan Naga Hoho”.
He said NSCN(I-M) had failed 25 years in the same class, which was purely an intellectual failure.
“If one student cannot pass and study in the same class for 25 years, should we continue to pay tuition fees? What foolish parents are we? The people of Nagaland must understand, it is the people’s government that is giving tuition and palatial hostel fees.
On the other hand, people’s government has failed to protect the lives and properties of its own citizens,” he pointed out.
Recalling how BJP central leaders had raised the slogan of “Election for Solution” in 2018, while NSCN (I-M) had demanded solution not election, he said both parties indicated that they wanteda solution. But he regretted that another five-year term was about end with no opening or clarity.


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