Friday, August 12, 2022

COCOMI, UNC demand Manipur State Population Commission


Two major pressure groups in Manipur on Friday demanded passing a resolution on setting up Manipur State Population Commission during the ensuing monsoon session of the state Assembly which will commence on July 25 and have 11 sittings and will continue till August 5. A joint statement of the Coordinating Committee on Manipur Integrity (COCOMI) and the United Naga Council (UNC) issued today demanded that the state Assembly adopt a resolution to set up the state population commission.
The joint statement reiterated their demand for deportation of illegal migrants and checking mushrooming of unrecognized villages in the hill areas of the state. The joint committee drew the attention of all the members of the state Assembly to adopt the decision and send a proposal to the Central government for taking up necessary steps to check demographic imbalance in the state, arising out of the influx of illegal migrants into the state. The two pressure groups further demanded updating the National Register of Citizens (NRC) in respect of the state of Manipur with a fixed cut-off base year to identify illegal immigrants. Earlier, on June 4, the COCOMI and UNC had submitted a joint memorandum to Manipur chief minister drawing his attention to initiate steps to check influx of illegal immigrants in the state.
The copy of the memorandum was also submitted to the Prime Minister and Union home minister on June 10. In the memorandum, the two bodies sought immediate steps on the part of the Centre to check the demographic imbalance in the state. Other demands contained in the memorandum were to update NRC and deport illegal immigrants or to initiate alternative arrangements so as not to harm the interests of the indigenous people of the land.
The two pressure groups pointed out that the demographic imbalance brought about by the influx of illegal immigrants adversely affected the socio-political, economic and cultural aspects of the indigenous people of the state.
Also urging for checking mushrooming of unrecognized villages in the state, the COCOMI and UNC drew the attention of the members of the state Assembly to consider enacting a law to prohibit creation of new villages in an unwarranted manner.

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