Thursday, October 6, 2022

Colony members protest against merger with another colony at Aghunato

Inavi colony at Aghunato town under Zunheboto district on Wednesday protested against the administration’s decision to merge Inavi colony with Achesa.
In a press release, representatives of Inavi colony—Ahokhe Achumi and Kiyeto Zhimo stated that the colony would “never merge with any colony” since Inavi colony “stood alone as bigger colony within Aghunato” which was formed since the establishment of Aghunato town bearing population over 1000.
Claiming that although the administration passed out the information to the GBs to consult members of each colony, the representatives said merging of Inavi colony and Achesa was done “without any consultation from any member of the colony” and that the GBs failed to consult the colony.
Stating that Inavi colony and Achesa colony were “not even close in area”, the press release said Aghunato town in its establishment had a division of four colonies i.e., DIC colony which was now Inavi colony, Education which was now Phushito colony, Medical colony which was now ADC colony and PWD colony.
They said the division of ten colonies were done in 2013-2014 and table for the division of colonies were as follows: DIC colony (Inavi and Achesa); Education colony (Phushito and Shevillo); Medical colony (Lukikhe, ADC and Vikiye) and PWD (PWD, Medical and Forest).
Asserting that they would “never agree to this merger”, the representatives sought for the intervention of higher authority to solve this matter and warned that “this problem may effect ULB election and general election.”
The protest saw participation from STH, youth wing, ATSU and public representatives, were all the representative discussed about the progress and expansion of Aghunato “instead of decreasing the colonies.”