Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Conservation: Villagers voluntarily surrender hunting weapons

Wildlife conservation efforts received a boost with the voluntary surrender of guns and hunting weapons at Asukhomi Village under Zunheboto district on Friday.
The ceremony of voluntary surrender of hunting weapons to Asukhomi village council cum inauguration of resting shed at Asukhomi Community Reserved Area was held on Friday with Wildlife Warden Dimapur Tokaho Kinimi unveiling the inauguration stone in the presence of DFO Zunheboto Dr. Prabhat Kumar and TVBCLN team leader Ivan Zhimomi, who is also the recipient of Governor’s award and Balipara Foundation.
Giving a brief note on Asukhomi Community Reserve, Dr. Hutoka Y. Jakha said that the idea was initiated in 2019 when the villagers rescued a rare primate (slow loris) and released to its natural habitat. Delivering keynote address, wildlife warden Dimapur Tokaho Kinimi maintained that surrendering of guns was “surely God’s will”. He said that Asukhomi village was setting a very good example as it came at a time when “we are slowly losing fauna species”. Encouraging the villagers to never lose hope, he said the initiative was not for short term benefit, but long-term investment.
Tokaho said the government might not be able to remunerate their sacrifices, but their initiative will be priceless in the long run. He also said that this initiative was for their own benefit. Further, Tokaho called upon the volunteers, village leaders and CCA members to cooperate with one another.
Speaking at the programme, Dr. Prabhat Kumar lauded the villagers for taking hardships in building the resting shed at the hill top.
DFO stated that while the human population was growing, jungle and wild animals were diminishing.
He, therefore, called upon the villagers to protect flora and fauna.
Stating that areas inhabited by humans were earlier jungle, DFO said complaints that the wild animals were destroying human properties was untrue as it was humans that chased the wild animals through deforestation.
Maintaining that the nature has “a way of getting back at us”, Dr.Kumar said “if we preserve we get pleasant atmosphere and when we harm the nature we are punished with global warming and the like.”
TVBCLN team leader Ivan Zhimomi, in short speech, said that people of conserved areas do not necessarily have to go searching for visitors and government. He said they would instead come searching, adding that their work will reflect back and people would perceive that their village was united and “full of good people”.
Stating that people mostly expect from the government without working, team leader urged the villagers show their resolve through actions.
ACF Vivika Sema said that the for construction of resting shed the department of wildlife conservation funded village with meagre amount, but with cooperation of the villagers and leaders they could come thus far.
He informed that volunteers did not even accept the wages as they viewed that the project was for betterment of village.
After the programme, gap filling plantations was caried out, stated a press release issued by Asukho community reserve (ACR) advisor Inato Khuju.
Earlier, the program was chaired by ACR chairman Heroto Khujumi, invocation was given by Asukho Baptist Church Pastor Benito, welcome address was delivered by Inato Khuju while head GB Asukho old Ghukato Khuju gave a short speech.


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