Thursday, October 6, 2022

Constitutional values ‘at stake’ under BJP rule: Manik Sarkar

Secularism, federal structure, and rights of people were “at stake” under the BJP-led government at the Centre, former Tripura chief minister Manik Sarkar claimed on Friday.
The institutions, which were created to safeguard the Constitution, were “under attack” with the electoral process becoming “a farce” at the hands of the saffron party, the Tripura Opposition leader said at a rally.
The rally was organised by the Students’ Federation of India, the student wing of CPI(M), and the Tribal Students’ Federation.
“The Election Commission of India is a self-governed body established by the Constitution of India. It is supposed to create a level playing ground for all the political parties. There should not be discrimination against any political party be it the ruling party or opposition. Nowadays, election has become a farce at the hands of the BJP as people in power are using money and muscle power”, the CPI (M) leader claimed.
In a reference to BJP national president J P Nadda’s recent speech in Patna, Sarkar said according to the BJP leader, there is no need to have regional or smaller political parties in the country.
“It is nothing but a reflection of the BJP leader’s fascist attitude”, the Leader of Opposition in Tripura Assembly said.
Claiming that the Lok Sabha has turned into a ‘stage for puppet show’, Sarkar said 15-16 Bills are passed in the lower house in a day during BJP rule.
“What is happening? There is no scope for discussion on these Bills. It is an attempt to attack the foundation of Parliamentary democracy”, the CPI (M) politburo member said.
Heaping praise on the SFI and the TSF for organising the ‘Save Constitution’ rally, the former chief minister called upon the students and youth to raise their voices to uphold the constitutional values in the country.
“It was not only the mission of the freedom fighters to get India liberated from the British but also to form a country where there will be no economic and political disparity. Unfortunately, this is not fulfilled yet”, the Left leader said.