Sunday, October 2, 2022

Corrective steps needed for climate change: Gov

Assam and Nagaland Governor Jagdish Mukhi on Monday maintained that man-made factors were partly responsible for climate change and serious corrective steps need to be initiated.
He also underlined that the threat of climate change could present an existential challenge to environment and human kind, an official release said.
Speaking at a seminar here, Mukhi said climate change and its outcome global warming can deal a deadly blow to the earth.
The governor said global warming is causing changes in season patterns.
He cited the recent devastating floods in Assam as an instance of change in rainfall activities.
Climate change is making the weather system more unpredictable and severe, Mukhi stated.
The governor stressed that a part of the climate change problem is man-made, with use of fossil fuels a major contributor to the phenomenon.
He asserted that India has been a supporter of science-based understanding of climate change and rational approaches to resolve it.
“The country’s approach to combat climate change has been through adaptation and mitigation. Right from reducing the country’s carbon emissions to increasing India’s reliance on renewable energy, India has been working to deal with the threats precipitating from climate change,” he said.
The governor added that the state government’s policy on solar power and its investment in this sector are testimonies of the commitment towards the fight against climate change.