Thursday, July 7, 2022

DCLS meeting held in Longleng

District Committee for Lighthouse Schools (DCLS), Longleng held its first meeting on June 23 at office of the Deputy Commissioner (DC) Longleng under the chairmanship of DC, Longleng, Dharam Raj.
According to a press release, it stated DC highlighted roles and responsibilities of the committee, aims and objectives of lighthouse schools, besides the purpose of shortlisted schools, to impart quality education system in the district.
Briefing on physical verification for eligibility check and short listing schools for further process, DC directed the School Education department (DoSE) to submit the selected list of schools under Lighthouse in the district to him before the deadline for further submission to the SCLS for necessary action.
Speaking on behalf of education department, ADEO, Longleng further reinforced and supplemented on the chairman’s briefing and the benefits and importance of lighthouse schools project.
Later, CMO Longleng and CDPO Longleng also shared the importance of lighthouse schools and assured full co-operation and support for success of the project and to ensure quality education system in the district.
The NGOs present also expressed their happiness for the project and assured full co-operation and support to the committee and the government for effective implementation of the programme.

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