Monday, August 8, 2022

Delayed Naga solution: A consequence of disunity

Since the signing of the Framework Agreement on 3rd August 2015 between the NSCN (IM) and the Government of India, every Naga has been yearning for the Naga Political Solution irrespective of age, tribe and geographical location. Now, it is almost seven years into the negotiations but still no sign of any outcome. Many good leaders and citizens, young and old have died while waiting for the impending solution.
The Government of India has been dragging the Naga issue for too long as an election manifesto. One has become sceptical whenever the GOI pronounces anything regarding the Naga solution. They keep on stating that the Naga solution shall be settled before or after the election, or as a Christmas gift, etc. But, they were all just propaganda that has never happened.
Shri RN Ravi arrived in Nagaland and everyone greeted him with shawls, vase-coats, mufflers, machetes, spheres, etc. Thus, the interlocutor for Naga peace talks became the governor of Nagaland. Many thought that the saviour has come and would bring the most awaited Naga Solution. But, with much confusion and criticism, he left Nagaland. Subsequently, Shri Ak Mishra came into the limelight and is now heading the negotiation with various political parties, groups and organizations.
Initially, the signing of the Framework Agreement occurred between the NSCN (IM) and the GOI. But, with time and situation, various other political groups and organizations came to the scene. Then, different opinions, propaganda, and views have been pouring into the boiling pot turning into a melting pot. Thus, it has become difficult for one to predict the outcome. Instead of a solution, it has been breeding parties, disunity, hatred, and allegations. The only option for the melting pot is to blend or break down.
Disunity and ism have taken their root in our land. We always tend to judge one another based on tribes, parties, groups, etc. This nature is destroying the very potential and growth of the Nagas. As Naga, it is irrational to differentiate and discriminate against ourselves based on language, culture, physical appearances or geographical features, etc.
Every Naga has been fighting and sacrificing for the cause of the Nagas. As Shri Neingoulo Krome, the Secretary-General of the Naga People’s Movement for Human Rights (NPMHR) rightly states, “Naga history is written in blood, fires, and ashes and every Naga family has lost a son, or daughter, or father or mother.”
Therefore, Naga movement for Independence had claimed thousands of innocent lives and need to undertake with all seriousness. One must not override the Naga future and aspiration by enforcing self interest and political ideology.
It is time for every individual, party and organization to rethink, and come together under one umbrella.
Through this, a comprehensive and successful dialogue can take place. It is pointless to keep meeting the GOI when we have not done our homework. The mediation of the interlocutor is pointless while creating more parties and divisions among the Nagas. Hence, it is paving a highway for the GOI to apply the policy of the divide and rule policy. As long as the Nagas stay divided, a solution is impossible. It will be just a utopia.
Regretfully, Nagas will remain underdeveloped. Resulting in corruption and illegal activities such as taxation, extortion, kidnapping, violence, killings, unemployment, robbery, drug smuggling, addiction, immoralities, etc.
All these will weaken the Naga society ensuing in a failed state. Perhaps, it might even invite civil wars leading to revolution. However, Nagas can overwhelm this dark period only if we implement the spirit of unity and love. Our future is in our hands. No outside force should decide our fate.
Their only objective is to tear us apart and rule over us. Therefore, it is time to keep aside our ego, greed for money, power, position, tribalistic mindset, and put on new armour of unity, faith, hope, and love. Forgetting the past and pressing on towards the goal. It is only through unity, that Naga Solution is achievable. Without unity, Naga’s future is doom.
Paul N Rengma, Research Scholar, Bangalore

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