Sunday, October 2, 2022

Dimapur Police lauded for nabbing syndicate kingpin

GB Union Dimapur (S) and Dimapur Urban Council Chairmen Federation have lauded Dimapur Police under Commissioner of Police Rothihu Tetseo for arresting one Joshi, the alleged kingpin of transport syndicate in Dimapur.
In a joint statement, GBUD (S) president MY Ngullie and general secretary T. Onen Jamir and DUCCF president Tsenthongo Nyamo and general secretary Zasivikho Zakiesato pointed out that there were many more people involved in such “manipulative coercive syndicate menace” operating to control the entire business system.
They said that in order to do away with such unscrupulous gangsters indulging in syndicates system, the district administration and police must thoroughly investigate and stringent exemplary punishment be given to the culprits under the law.
Lauding the courage of the two Naga women entrepreneurs for filing FIR against the culprit, the unions also encouraged others to do the same without fear. This way, they said those vested elements, conniving for monopoly, should be wiped out for healthy open market business activities so that there can be a free fair choice market for progressive economy in the state.
GBUD and DUCCF further warned Nagas to not patronize such dubious people as it was “disabling and draining our economy and destroying the future Naga posterity.” They said that the Naga society has already been burdened and pushed to its limit due to multiple taxation, menace of syndicate system and business monopoly leading to skyrocketing price rise.
To have a vibrant society, they said the present situation of disparity needed to be addressed by every section of people collectively, be it the government, national workers, CSOs and unions, “lest a day will dawn when common people having no option begin to retort for survival and just society.”
They said the two organizations, representing residents of over 90 colonies within Dimapur Sadar, assure full cooperation to the police and district administration to tackle anti-social elements “evolving like a cancerous cell in the society.”