Thursday, August 18, 2022

Diphupar village ‘alcohol-free zone’

Diphupar village under Chümoukedima district has been declared as “alcohol-free zone” following a public rally held at Diphupar village on Monday.
In a press release, DVC chairman Ghuzui Shohe and secretary Tiatemsu Ao informed that the public rally also adopted four-point resolution, in which it was resolved to seize the land patta of the house where alcohol is sold; to inform the defaulters concern village council, churches and to publicise their names; to cancel the trade licence and to expel the defaulter from the village.
The rally organised by Diphupar village council along with Diphupar Naga Women’s Organisation was attended by Diphupar Naga youth organisation, Diphupar Naga Student’s Union and members of all the communities, churches and public.


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