Monday, August 8, 2022

Discipleship Bible College holds 42nd fresher’s day

Discipleship Bible College (DBC) held its 42nd fresher’s day on Saturday, at Mt. Miracle, Signal Angami Village, Dimapur with CEO of IDAN, Alemtemshi Jamir as guest speaker.
In a press release DBC informed that Alemtemshi in his address spoke on globalisation and how rapidly the world was changing.
He exhorted the students by addressing global issues and how they can be approached through theological education, which he said, was relevant today.
Alemtemshi said that in a changing world, a preacher should also preach according to the context.
He brought the issues of war crisis and food report by citing the example of Sri Lankan crisis and the Ukraine and Russian war.
He underlined how human ethics were being compromised for human interest which he said was because of “human survival”.
Alemtemshi also said this had re-structured the world economy and in that context, Christians should voice out for justice.
He concluded his speech by challenging the theological students to serve the Lord in this globalised context by being more informed and well equipped.
During the programme, principal, DBC, Rev. S. Wati offered a special prayer for the freshers, welcome address was delivered by academic dean, Dr. Husazulü Chüzoglo and invocation was offered by chaplain.
Highlights of the programme included duet by Akina and Angu, solo presentation by Kisemsen and speech on behalf of freshers by Sungmokundang.

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