Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Distribute allocated funds judiciously: Zhaleo Rio

Advisor of Sericulture, Excise and Minority Affairs, Zhaleo Rio, who is also the chairman of District Planning and Development Board Chumoukedima has appealed to the officers under the Chumoukedima district to distribute the allocated funds judiciously with transparency.
According to DIPR report, the advisor said this while chairing the 2nd DPDB meeting for Chumoukedima district on Wednesday.
He also asked the concerned departments to inform the departments’ activities to elected members of the area so that they were aware of the schemes and projects undertaken by the departments.
Chumoukedima being a new district, Zhaleo reminded the officers to help and guide the public as the district was created for public convenience.
Azheto MLA, who too was present in the meeting, urged the members to give their best effort and cooperation and make Chumoukedima the best district in the state.
He also encouraged the officers to be sincere in discharging their duties.
In the meeting, the House agreed to recommend the agenda of North Eastern Regional Multidisciplinary College of Paramedical sciences at CIHSR and change of nomenclature of Vision Home Higher Secondary School to Vision Higher Secondary School. The House also agreed to the proposal for shifting Kemnbay School from Diphupar B to Tenyiphe-I Chumoukedima.
Reviewing the last DPDB meeting, ADC Chumoukedima requested all the departments to prepare a vision document for the Chumoukedima district within this month.
Project director, DRDA, presented a brief description of the mandate and requirements for the DISHA meeting by DRDA.

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