Friday, October 7, 2022

District demand not to tarnish govt’s ‘unity’ motto: TDDC

Tobu District Demand Committee (TDDC) Thursday said that Tobu and Moka public’s demand for district was not “an ambitious demand with ulterior motives against any community/society or to tarnish the image of Government motto ‘Unity’ in any manner.
State chief minister Neiphiu Rio, in his 73rd Republic Day speech, maintained that though there were demands for creation of new districts, the state government would not like to divide single tribe districts in keeping with the state government’s motto of unity. In a press release, secretary Sangti Konyak said that district demand was, however, based on genuine needs of Tobu and Moka, which could be fulfilled only if the present ADC Tobu post was upgraded to district headquarters.
TDDC said that all the relevant documents and profile of Tobu district demand endorsed with signature of village councils and other stakeholders of Tobu and Moka had been submitted to the state government. The committee expressed hope that decades-old aspiration and prayer would soon be achieved under the leadership of chief minister Neiphiu Rio. The committee stated that Tobu headquarters established in 1954 was the oldest administrative sub-division in Mon district. It also pointed out that Tobu sub-division shared a stretch of around 30km of international border line with Myanmar.
TDDC asserted that most of the villages under Tobu was located in the area as far as 190km from the district headquarters “causing administrative inconvenience, infrastructural and staffing gaps, lack of service delivery system, gaps in medical emergencies and poor economic development.”
Further, the committee said that proposal for Tobu district was made in consultation with the Konyak Union (KU), Mon. It said that KU considering the need for creation of new district bifurcating Mon district had also written a letter to chief minister on October 15, 2021. Therefore, TDDC said that the question of division among the Konyak did not arise. “Yesterday we stood as Konyak, today we live as Konyak and tomorrow we will die as Konyak”, TDDC stated.
While reaffirming its stand, the committee expressed gratitude to nine Konyak legislators, KU Mon, Konyak Students’ Union, KNSK Mon, Mon District GB’s Association, KVCU Mon, KBBB Mon for their support and cooperation towards the Tobu district demand.

Aboi distt demand: ADDC to continue bandh

Aboi District Demand Committee (ADDC) Thursday affirmed to continue to the ongoing indefinite bandh until the state government reconsidered its statement and declared Aboi as the 17th district of Nagaland.
ADDC through its media cell said that the decision was based on the resolution passed on January 23, 2022. It said indefinite bandh, which entered fourth day, would continue at Angjangyang SDO (C), Chen SDO (C), Longchang EAC Hq and Aboi ADC HQ.
The committee said that Aboi public were ready to tolerate though their normal life had been paralyzed by indefinite bandh.
ADDC asserted that Aboi district demand was initiated way back in 2008 during the leadership of the present chief minister, Neiphiu Rio, who it said was well aware of the issue.
However, it alleged that “his attitude and statement towards the vast population of Konyak is baseless and illogical.”
Before the declaration of new districts on December 18, 2021, the ADDC said it had personally met the chief minister at his official residence and urged him to declare Aboi HQ as district on December 17, 2021. However, ADDC expressed shock over the outcome and questioned his leadership “for drawing lines within the Nagas community.”
Reminding the state government that Aboi district demand was supported by all neighbouring districts, tribes and Konyak Union (apex body), the ADDC said that the state government, therefore, “cannot give laymen excuses while the whole process is clear from our end.”