Monday, August 8, 2022

DMC bans single-use plastics in Dmu

Dimapur Municipal Council (DMC) has notified all the shop keepers, business establishments, open vendors, banquet halls, religious institutions, hotels, restaurants and offices that all the single-use plastics (SUPs) have been within DMC jurisdiction with immediate effect.
In a circular, DMC administrator Albert Ezung cautioned that failure to comply with the order would be penalized with a fine of 2000, which could even lead to cancellation of trade licence. DMC informed that single-use plastic products that have been totally banned include earbuds with plastic sticks; plastic flags; plastic sticks for balloons; ice-cream sticks; candy sticks; polystyrene (Thermocol) for decoration; cups; plates; cutlery like spoons, forks, straw, knives, wrapping/packing films around sweet boxes, trays, cigarette packets, and invitation cards; glasses; plastic or PVC banners less than 100 microns and stirrers.


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