Thursday, October 6, 2022

DoSE crackdown on proxy teachers

Department of School Education (DoSE) has directed the heads of all government schools functioning within the State to ensure that no teachers serving under their establishments engaged proxies against them under any circumstances.
In a notification, principal director school education, Thavaseelan K, directed that photographs of all teaching staff along with names imprinted/affixed be displayed prominently in the staff room/school premises.
The department also directed all teachers/staff to sign in the attendance register in the same manner as they have appended their signature in the service book/joining report.
All DE0s/Sr. SDEOs/SDEOs have been directed to conduct surprise checking at schools under their jurisdiction and ensure that no proxies were engaged by any staff.
Further, the department has drawn the attention of all school heads and DEOs/Sr. SDEOs/SDEOs to Rule 4 (2) (i) of the Nagaland Government Servants Conduct Rules, 1968.
It reiterated that in the event of detection of engagement of proxies by any school staff during the surprise checks conducted by officials of district administration and directorate of school education, the department would initiate disciplinary action against the concerned school heads and DEOs/Sr. SDEOs/SDEOs for violation of the aforesaid Rule in addition to initiating disciplinary action against those teachers engaging proxies.