Monday, August 8, 2022

Dr. Jamir asks youths to chalk out future and not to dwell in the past

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Former Nagaland chief minister and governor Dr SC Jamir called upon Nagas to strive for a better future instead of living on past glories. He said this while speaking at the seminar titled “Issues confronting State of Nagaland” organised by Nagaland Law Students’ Federation (NLSF) here on Thursday.
Dr. Jamir said Nagas were more obsessed with the past than the future and in doing so, have forgotten to live in the present or think for the future. He therefore urged upon the young members of the present generation to think of the future.
The veteran Naga leader also lauded NLSF for arranging the seminar at a “very appropriate time” when Naga people were at the “crossroads”. Referring to the ongoing Naga political issue, Dr. Jamir, who stood for peaceful solution with the government of India, lamented that even after 20 years of negotiations, solution to the Naga political issue was nowhere in sight.
He said it was time for all Nagas to stand united and to put pressure on the stakeholders to hammer out a solution sooner than later and to maintain peace within Naga society.
Dr. Jamir also pointed out that the youth with their enthusiasm, energy and new ideas, could contribute towards achieving permanent peace in Nagaland. He however cautioned that mere outward exhibition of enthusiasm or concern will not bring peace to Nagaland.
He also reminded that the north east region is the corridor between mainland India and Southeast Asian countries and goods and traffic will pass through it and fuel economic growth.
Dr. Jamir therefore urged upon the people, especially the youth, to prepare themselves and not to lose the opportunity of reaping economic benefits. For this, he encouraged all youth to become torchbearers of peace and harmony and to have an approach and thinking that was different from the older generation. Dr Jamir, had completed his LLB in 1958 from Allahabad University and was among the first-generation lawyers from Nagaland.
Meanwhile, speaking on the topic “Legal status, powers and functions of civil society organisations”, assistant professor Kohima Law College and Nagaland Voluntary Consumers’ Organisation (NVCO) president Kezhokhoto Savi said pointed out that civil society organisations (CSO) play a major role in the society by monitoring government actions and initiatives, engaging in advocacy and offering alternative policies for the government, private sector and other institutions.
He also said CSOs defend citizen rights, work to change and uphold social norms and behaviours, hold institutions to account, promote transparency and raise awareness on societal issues, etc. He remarked that CSOs also provide space from where social movements began.
Speaking in the context of Nagaland, Savi noted that there were too many CSO like tribal hohos, public organisations, student, youth, women unions, federations, various associations, organizations, unions, councils, etc. from state to district, sub-divisions, area, colony and village levels.
He posed a question on the gathering if CSOs were truly functioning in the true sense of the term or were serving as mere mouthpieces of the government or politicians to suit personal agendas and misguiding the public, promoting tribalism etc?
Savi said Nagas were desperately in need of a trustworthy CSO which can take decisions without patronage and favouritism or political influence and having the highest ethical standards of honesty and integrity.
He mentioned that Right to Information Act (RTI), 2005 was a powerful tool in the hands of citizens and encouraged CSOs to use and expose all wrong-doings by the government.
The programme was chaired by Kinokali Sumi, presidential address delivered by NLSF president Tohuka Achumi and invocation offered by Youth Harvest Ministry, Dimapur, director Rev Kilang Jamir.
Other speakers on the occasion included Nagaland University assistant professor Dr Tiasunep Amri who spoke on “The role of pressure groups in a modern democratic society”, social entrepreneur Colo Mero on “The obstacles facing Naga entrepreneurs” and Combined Technical Association of Nagaland convener Meshenlo Kath on “Realities facing pressure groups in Nagaland”.


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