Sunday, September 25, 2022

Dr. SC Jamir urges upon Prime Minister Modi for early solution

Spl. Correspondent

Four-time chief minister and former governor Dr. S.C. Jamir has appealed to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi to take the call on securing the long-awaited solution to the Naga political issue.
Sources in Delhi informed Nagaland Post that Dr. Jamir made the plea to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, at a meeting Monday in Delhi. In his plea, Dr. Jamir reminded Modi that formal meetings with various Naga political groups which were held for many long years during which all pertinent issues were deliberated.
Dr. Jamir lauded Modi for his bold decision in delivering on the promise made to the Nagas for securing early resolution to the decades-old Naga political issue as evidenced by the signing of the agreements with NPGs.
He acknowledged Modi’s vital contribution in having the negotiations reach a crucial stage in the signing of the Framework Agreement and the Agreed Position.
Dr. Jamir also wanted to know from the prime minister, that since the government of India has made it clear that flag and constitution cannot be accepted as part of solution and which were also not mentioned in the Framework Agreement, why were they being allowed to cause inordinate delay to Naga solution?
He also told the prime minister that since the government of India and the NPGs had concluded all official negotiations on October 31,2019, there was no reason for further delay in securing a lasting solution of the Naga political issue and open a new chapter of peace and progress for Nagas.