Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Dr. Sukhato A Sema graces Tuluni festival

Lazami Lazakito Youth Organisation (LLYO) in collaboration with Lazakito Khel celebrated Tuluni festival (Apu Ashu Tiqhi tini) on July 19, with Retd. principal director, Health & Family Welfare, Dr. Sukhato A Sema as “Tuluni Papu”.
In a press release, LLYO informed that Dr. Sukhato in his speech, highlighted the programmes and schemes initiated by the government for the socio-economic upliftment of the people and asked them to avail such benefits.
Stressing on the socio-economic development of Aphuyemi, he encouraged the people to make wise decisions in all aspects by seeking wisdom from God.
In his greetings, former LLYO president Khuwoto Swu said the festival was being celebrated with the collective effort of LLYO, Tuluni board and people of Lazakito Khel of Lazami village.
On the significance of Tuluni, former president Shihavi T Futhena said the forefathers celebrated Tuluni by following a traditional lunar calendar. He said Tuluni was celebrated 97 days later, after sowing and to invoke blessings and prosperous harvest.
The programme was chaired by Alivi Swu and Yexuto Swu, various cultural display were performed by groups and individuals and indigenous song was performed by Toshili Tena and friends. Alobo Naga performed a special song, vote of thanks by Viqheshe S Futhena, prayer by Iphonumi Baptist Church, pastor Jekivi Futhena and benediction by LVBC, pastor Hekato Zhimo.

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