Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Duo releases music album ‘A Phisie Meho’


A music album in Tenyidie titled “A Phisie Meho” by Zekuosa Zhale and Vilavor Loucü was released during a programme at Red Cross Building, Kohima on Friday.
Speaking as the guest after launching the album, chairman NKVIB, Dr. Neiphrezo Keditsu lauded the two musicians for investing their time and resources and bringing out the music album.
He said the album would serve as a learning tool for people especially those from the suburban and urban areas as many from those places were losing touch of the language.
Keditsu said such albums were vital in preserving indigenous treasures and the language as well since many could learn uncommon words by listening to the songs and expand their vocabulary which, he said, was essential for native speakers especially the younger folks.
He encouraged the duo that it was their time to carry the mantle of spreading the language by making it appealing as was done by their predecessors such as the renowned local celebrity Methaneilie Jütakhrie, who is loved and adored even by people who do not speak the language.
While appreciating the two young bachelors for finding means to be self-reliant and not depend on the government, Keditsu said many young people were now taking interest in non-governmental jobs and practical-oriented profession which was an encouraging sight.
He also encouraged everyone gathered at the programme to promote such talents as no one else would promote “our” artistes except by those around them.
Earlier, one of the artistes, Zekuosa, while sharing a brief introduction about the album, said it was the love for music that brought them together.
He also acknowledged various individuals who came forward to support them in various ways.
He added that the album was about looking back at one’s footprints and recalling the good things and moving forward in those memories.
He disclosed that it was a compilation of their originals which includes gospels and some love songs.

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