Thursday, October 6, 2022

DVC displeased at putting up posters, banners

After Sovima Village Council, Darogapathar Village Council (DVC) has expressed displeasure over putting up of posters and banners at the private resident of the village’s senior citizen on September 8, 2022, by an organisation without any prior information or knowledge of the village council.
In a press release, DVC chairman K Ado Bizo and secretary II Jamir stated that Darogapathar village, established and recognized as a village since 1811, is governed by a lawful authority of the Village Council, under the Nagaland Village & Area Council Act, 1978.
DVC said the Act empowers the council to oversee social, legal and administrative activities within the jurisdiction of Darogapathar village.
Describing Darogapathar village as “a metropolitan village”, DVC said the village comprises of all Naga tribes and more and also the resident of many prominent leaders, both political and bureaucratic.
As such, DVC has reiterated to uphold the principal of neutrality and unbiases within the village.
DVC sough to convey its displeasure to the concerned organization for the “unethical activity” performed at the private residence of the senior citizen.
The village council stated that it was not against the thoughts or principals of any organization voicing out for the cause of the Naga society and preferred the stand of neutrality.
It further advised the organization, society or group to approach the village council prior to performing any activity henceforth.
DVC has entrusted the Darogapathar youth organisation to oversee and manage such activities within the village jurisdiction in future.