Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Embracing the Future: NBCC Youth Sunday

Dear Baptist Youth Leaders and Young People of Nagaland! Greetings from the Office of NBCC Youth Department (NBCCYD). As different churches under NBCC observes NBCC Youth Prayer & Fasting & Youth Sunday on 2nd & 3rd July, 2022 on account of NBCC Youth Day, this is our prayer that we will all have a meaningful and blessed time of fellowship.
The Nagaland Baptist Church Council Youth Department (NBCCYD) has entered a momentous 50th years of its existence and our focused was towards the spiritual well-being of the young people in Nagaland all these glorious years. Like any organization, it is not easy to begin anew, likewise, the genesis of NBCCYD was no different from the rest; yet, NBCCYD has endured every challenge on its way and have resoundingly led from the front.
In these 50 years, NBCCYD has undertaken many forms of ministries according to the need and relevance of the time. Today NBCCYD has progressed along with the change of time and is constantly working toward embracing new forms of strategic ministries. One such strategic ministry is the student’s ministry which seeks to cater the need of the students in towns and cities with the aim to inculcate Christian values and principles. Until Covid situation NBCCYD is actively involved in organizing different seminars and training on leadership skills to equip young leaders on a state level in collaboration with national and International resource persons. Sports ministry is another key strategic ministry of the Department. In collaboration with various sports organizations incorporating evangelism, discipleship and leadership NBCCYD motif in reaching out to young people through sports has been successful. Prayer has always been the unseen strength of Christian life and ministry. Since July 4, 1984 with the observance of NBCC Youth Day of prayer the Department has been organizing YOUTH SUNDAY with the purpose of bringing young people together to pray for NBCC Ministry and get involved in Sunday Morning Worship, celebrating the youth ministry. NBCCYD has also never been silent on the social issues. With the aim to build a harmonious society and peaceful Christian home in the state of Nagaland, NBCCYD has been and is a big supporter of NLTP enactment and the movement of clean election.
NBCCYD as it embraces the future cannot help but see that if at all we need to have a maximum impact upon our young people it has to be through good Scripture engagement. In other words the Word of God matters if at all we want to positively impact the younger generation. Youth Ministry beyond the four walls of the church is also becoming a pressing need in our context today. The significant ministries of Jesus recorded in the Bible are mostly beyond the walls of the churches and not confined to synagogues and temples alone. The healings, teachings, preaching and miracles of Jesus’ ministry came in a place where people would least expect the Messiah to be.
The narrative recorded in John’s gospel between Jesus and the Samaritan woman in the ancient Jacob’s well reflects the intention of Jesus the Messiah.
The Samaritan women here represents those rejected, the Pregnant teen excommunicated by the community, the alcoholics avoided by many, the addicts, the young people outside the church. Colleges are the places where we have plentiful harvest which are left unattended and we see the need to focus on impacting these young enthusiast minds with sound Biblical teachings, these are intellectuals’ minds, and we need good teachers of the Bible to come together to reach out to these untapped individuals.
We have almost 100 colleges in Nagaland and the need to reach out to the colleges is more than ever.
To prepare for tomorrow, we must do what the apostles did: take church to the streets, concert venues, coffee houses, breweries, or wherever our young people are.
The best platform for transformation of the young minds is the Church. But as we could notice, the percentage of young people attending the church worship is declining, and it’s time for youth ministry to reach out beyond the conventional set up. The tremendous efforts of our past leaders are applauded and their stories will continue to inspire leaders and young people in the coming days too.
However, with the passage of time, the challenges and problems have only become even more, and there’s a constant demand to rethink and strategize on how we can become more effective and impactful in reaching out to young people.
At present, the mushrooming of independent churches are able to draw the attention of young people and making an impact in our society, not saying that the mainline churches are failing but we have been running an old traditional way of Church Service for the youths since its inception.
This does not mean to say that we will do away with the traditional setups to minister effectively to certain group of young people but we can unlearn and enhance our ministry skills as the future of ministry belongs to those who can penetrate.
Rethinking our strategy is the NEED of the hour, the NBCCYD makes a commitment that we will work with our People especially the Youth to rethink, rework, re-strategize and fasten up in this fast-Paced world and move forward to reaching out to our young generation in discipleship, equipping and nurturing for transforming Lives.
N. Suhuto Chishi
Youth Secretary, NBCC

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