Thursday, October 6, 2022

Facing shortage of commodities, DCCI warns shutter-down

A day after Nagaland Medicine Dealers’ Association (NMDA) warned that transporters’ strike was causing an acute shortage of life-saving drugs and other medicines, the Dimapur Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI) has also cautioned that essential commodities and goods were fast diminishing from the shelves and in the markets in Dimapur.
DCCI vice president V Shikuto Achumi and DCCI grievances cell convenor Omega Yepthomi said that ongoing indefinite closure of offices of Dimapur transporters since September 16 was creating “serious impacts not only to the business community but public in general.” DCCI said that if the strike continued for long, the commercial hub would not only face acute shortage of medicines, but all essential commodities and goods.
DCCI , therefore, urged the responsible authority to immediately intervene, take concrete steps and address the issues and demand of the transporters and the business community as a whole.
“How long will the business community continue to be victims?” DCCI questioned.
It said that the district administration and law enforcing agencies “know full well” that anti-social elements and groups were now resorting to violent and subtle tactics to coerce the business community into submission. “These tactics are amply manifested by recent incidents targeting the business community,” DCCI said.
However, the chamber stated that till date, neither the district administration nor police have announced any concrete action taken or made any arrest in regard to the above incidents.
If the authority failed to take prompt action, DCCI cautioned that it would also soon announce indefinite shutter-down as there was “no point in opening shops without goods or provisions.”