Sunday, August 14, 2022

Farmers sensitised on FAW, bio wastes

Agriculture Technology Management Agency (ATMA) blocks conducted various demonstrations, training and inaugurated farm schools across the state.
Noksen block: ATMA Noksen block Tuensang conducted demonstration on May 5 at Yokumsang village and inaugurated a piggery farm school under Noksen block on May 6 at Kumpung village.
In a press release, BTM Suponglemla Chang informed that resource persons ATM Tangekeiba and ATM Wetosangla Chang conducted demonstration on “preparation of bio-waste decomposer, management of fall army worm, use of pheromone trap for FAW and de-worming of pigs & composting of pig manure”.
During the inauguration programme of piggery farm school, BTM Suponglemla Chang highlighted the concept of farm school and N. Chongma was appointed as farm school teacher along with nine other farmers as farm school students.
Meanwhile, mobilisation of farmers group was also conducted where two groups from Kumpung village were mobilised. Various inputs were also distributed.
Longleng block: Longleng block conducted demonstrations on “mulching and its benefits in ginger cultivation” and “use of bio pesticide for insect pest management” on April 29 at Shamshangching Village.
Resource persons-ATM, Merenchila Kichu explained that use of mulch on beds especially in dry months while ATM Tenhnyei Phom said 33% to 35% of yield decrease was caused due to insect/pest attack.
Phom encouraged farmers to adopt organic methods focusing on biological and mechanical methods to manage insect pests.
Tsurangkong block: ATMA Mokokchung, Tsurangkong block inaugurated a farm school on integrated farming on April 28 at Moayimti Village, Tsurangkong block.
Resource person, VAS, animal husbandry department, Mokokchung, Dr. Wapangsashi highlighted the impact of pig farm wastes and explained how pig waste contributed to groundwater pollution.
Dr. Wapangsashi also explained how to compost pig manure and briefed the farmers about bio-security in an integrated livestock farm.

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