Thursday, October 6, 2022

Fitness C’ship held in Kohima


Athletes from various gyms in Kohima came together to compete in a Fitness Championship with the main focus on three disciplines including Bench Press, Crossfit and Arm Wrestling.
The championship was held at de Oriental Grand with renowned body builders including Kenny Soru, Moalong Yaden and Daniel Lotha making a special appearance during the event.
Results from the competition:
Bench Press (70 KG & below):
1st – Tia Jamir from Capital Gym (100 Kg lifted)
2nd – Seyieneizo Linyü from Life Fitness Gym (95 Kg)
(80 Kg & below):
1st – Imliyanger Aier from Life Fitness Gym (110 Kg)
2nd – Lanukaba from Kayina Gym (90 Kg)
(90 Kg & below): 1st – Kevilelie Pienyü from OFS (135 Kg)
2nd – Rukukhoto from Battleground (120 Kg)
(91 Kg & above): 1st – Venuzo Dawhuo from Chisel Gym (155 Kg)
2nd – Keniesevi Meyase from OFS (142 Kg)
Crossfit Champion:
1st – Imliyanger Aier from Life Fitness Gym
2nd – Kuvemuri from Amplified Gym
3rd – Medovilie from Wolve Gym
4th – Zhopao from Zumvü Gym
5th – Vebo from Spartan Gym
Best Posture in Crossfit:
Tepusato from Kayina Gym
Open Arm Wrestling:
Men: 1st – Vechita Khesoh from Battleground,
2nd – Dziese Vizo from OFS.
Women: 1st – Loreni Tsanglao from Wolves Gym
2nd – Ameu Semou from OFS.