Thursday, August 18, 2022

Futsal league face-off held in Kohima


A one-night Futsal league face-off organised by Bank of Baroda at Pro Turf, Perizie, here on Thursday night.
Highlanders FC emerged as the winner while Bank of Baroda finished runner-up after a series of three games each.
A total of six teams from Kohima including Oking FC, Magdaline Coaching Centre, Highlanders FC, Bank of Baroda, Street Hawk and Perizie took part in the event.
The largely friendly event was organised as an effort towards promoting football and encouraging a healthy lifestyle.
Nagaland Football Coaches Association president and renowned footballer, Roko Angami who represented Bank of Baroda said more of such events were needed to build up players from the grassroot level.
He encouraged the organisers to come up with more of similar events as besides it being a recreational event will also directly promote the game and help upcoming players to enhance their skills.
He also observed young players who were part of the different teams and encouraged them to put int their efforts in the beautiful game.
The event saw the participation of youths who were mostly employed in the private sector turning up for the same after their work schedules.


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