Wednesday, October 5, 2022

GHIUU threatens to shutdown Hindi institute

Government Hindi Institute Unemployment Union (GHIUU) has threatened to shut down Government Hindi Institute Dimapur if the diploma holders were disallowed to appear in the entrance exam.
In a press release, GHIUU convenor Njio Semp informed that the decision was taken at a general meeting held at Government Hindi Institute Dimapur September 15, 2022 attended by the trainee alumni of Government Hindi Institute Students Union, Government Hindi Institute principal and staffs cum officials of All Nagaland Hindi Teachers Union.
As per education department advertisement No.NSSB/EXAM-4/8/2022, the union said the diploma holders have been exempted from appearing the exam for the post of undergraduate hindi teachers without any legitimate reasons.
Since the government hindi institute was established to make the trainees become professional hindi teacher, the union said it was “irrational and shocking” that the concerned authority was neglecting government hindi institute diploma holders.
The union claimed that the trainees were assured that once the post of hindi teacher was out the they would be given first priority.
However, after waiting for decades, the union said the trainees were “devastated” with the sudden change of norms and criteria. The union questioned as to why the government hindi institute diploma holders—trained professionally only for the purpose by the state government—were being exempted from appearing exam.
GHIUU has, therefore, urged the responsible authority to take immediate action and deliver justice to the government hindi institute diploma holders.