Tuesday, August 9, 2022

GoI recognised unique history of Naga independence in FA: Tuccu

NSCN (I-M) chairman/yaruiwo Q Tuccu on Wednesday said that in the Framework Agreement (FA), Government of India recognised the “unique history of the Naga independence and the unique situation.”
Delivering his speech to mark seventh anniversary of the signing of the Framework Agreement with government of India, Tuccu explained that unique history meant that the Nagas had never been a part of the Union of India, while the unique situation meant that the Naga issue was political and not law and order problem of India. He said the declared Naga independence should be recognised by other countries, particularly by the “aggressor States”.
He asserted that sovereignty was “our” inherent right and that the Nagas were a sovereign people. He however stressed that it must be recognised by other nation States. As the FA states that “Sovereignty lies with the people”, Tuccu said the sovereignty of the Nagas lay with Naga people and sovereignty of India lay with the Indian people.
According to Tuccu, in the competency, the agreement states “In the matter of her own affairs as mutually agreed upon, Nagalim shall be sovereign.” He accused the interlocutors of Government of India of making Naga flag and constitution an issue when it was known to all that the flag and constitution were component parts of the recognised sovereignty and unique history.
The NSCN (I-M) chairman further reiterated the historical fact that Nagas had never been a part of the Union of India either by consent or by conquest.


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