Sunday, August 14, 2022

Government failed to follow High Court directive: Nagaland RMSA Teachers Association-2016

Nagaland RMSA Teachers Association (NRMSATA), 2016 batch has said that the state government has so far failed to comply with the March 16, 2022 High Court directive, which ordered the government to implement pay scale for the underpaid RMSA (2016) subject teachers in parity with their counterparts. NRMSATA-2016 president Imlitemjen stated that the Gauhati High Court, Kohima bench had upheld the principle of “Equal Pay for Equal Work” in favour of the NRMSATA, 2016.
NRMSATA-2016 said that supported by the rule of law and several declassified documents it had reminded state government of its blatant contempt of court by submitting a representation regarding implementation of pay scale and service regularisation to the government on May 24, 2022.
However, the association said the government has “failed to redress the systemic discrimination it has been employing in its treatment of RMSA teachers.”
It alleged that RMSA teachers (2016) have been “victimised and shackled” by corrupt mismanagement, but they have been “revolutionary in the schools where they teach.”
The association said that ever since their appointment in 2016, the “newly-upgraded RMSA GHSs” have shown an impressive track record of 100% success rate in HSLC examinations.
NRMSATA-2016 claimed that had it not been for the success of RMSA GHSs, the pass percentages of government high schools would have been “abysmally lower than the dismally low pass percentages they have been scoring all these years.”
The association alleged that the state government, “ignoring these facts”, continued to devalue RMSA teachers (2016) as “outsiders” and use “RMSA Teachers” as a derogatory label to make them feel inferior.
NRMSATA-2016 stated that the lack of empathy, support and appreciation was appalling.
Stating that education/teaching was a team work, the association has, however, accused the state government of “nefariously” dividing RMSA teachers into different groups “thereby dismembering the solidarity and collegiality of the profession.”
“What kind of message are we imparting to the future leaders of tomorrow when the leaders of today are bullying a group of teachers for the mere “crime” of being appointed in 2016 instead of 2013?” the association questioned.
It stated that only in Nagaland, employees engaged for the same work were paid less than another discharging the same duties and responsibilities.
Meanwhile, NRMSATA-2016 highlighted the 100% success rate of various schools like GHS Khar (four consecutive years), GHS Saring, GHS Yaongyimsen Compound (3 consecutive years), GHS Longthrok (2019, 2021 and 2022) and GHS Longjang (five successive years).
They said that despite the school closures unleashed by the pandemic lockdowns, out of 25 GHSs achieving cent percent result in HSLCE 2021, 13 were RMSA High Schools. They said the same feat was repeated in HSLCE, 2022 where 10 out of 12 GHSs (RMSA high schools) achieved 100 per cent success rate.
Had it not been for the success of RMSA GHSs, they said the pass percentages of GHSs would have been abysmally lower than the dismally low pass percentages they have been scoring all these years.


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