Thursday, August 18, 2022

Govt. teachers urged to provide quality education

Accentuating the duties and responsibilities of the teachers in providing quality education to children, Extra Assistant Commissioner (EAC) Chiephobozou, VitokhaYepthomiencouraged government teachers to provide quality education to students.
A press release by Educational Block Resource Centre (EBRC Chiephobozou) informed that Yepthomi was speaking at a programme organised by EBRC Chiephobozou on July 22 to distribute school uniform to government schools. “Government teachers are much more qualified comparing to private teachers, but when it come to the quality education private schools are much better than the government schools,” said Yepthomi. He said it was high time for the teachers to retrospect themselves as an educator and bring changes in the society.
While emphasising on the duties and responsibilities of the teachers in providing quality education to the children, Yepthomi said it has direct or indirect impact in the upliftment of a civilised society as teachers are the role model in moulding a child life into a good or a bad citizen. He then said that negligence or failure on the part of the teachers in the fulfilment of their assigned duties and responsibilities would put the future generation in uncertainty and one day would become a burden to the society. Further, Yepthomi said government was providing free uniforms, mid-day meal, text books, library books etc to students so as to give them free and compulsory education under Right to Education (RTE), which is also clearly enshrined in the fundamental rights of the Indian constitution. The programme was chaired by Sub-Divisional Education Officer (SDEO) Chiephobozou, KevizenoSavino while vote of thanks was delivered coordinator EBRC Chiephobozou, KekhriengulieRulho. The programme was followed by distribution of uniforms which were handed over to schools by EAC Chiephobozou.

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