Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Hazardous Science College, Jotsoma road

The road from Minister’s Hill junction traversing towards Kohima Science College, Jotsoma demands Government’s attention for urgent rectification of its high volatility to accidents given the fact that, besides the normal traffic, it also ferries thousands of students to Kohima Science college, Jotsoma, Sazolie College, C D King HSS, GHSS, Jotsoma and Aldervile HSS and that too by buses. Jotsoma also houses the one and only DDK, TV Station of the State, the main PHED Water Reservoir that supplies water to the major portion of Kohima city and then the RCEMPA, Jotsoma, Music Task Force Nagaland where various regular periodical programmes including State level functions are held. The precarious narrow road already overloaded by traffic is compounded by denizens of Kohima, both young & old and families, who prefer to use this road for its rich forest fresh air environment for running, jogging and walking exercises enthused by the gaining popularity of health consciousness has, unfortunately, turned this road as the most dangerous and hazardous in terms of safety.
In addition to the narrowness and sharp turns, the road has deep drainages posing dangerously for vehicles crushing into them and true it is and happens while trying to avoid bumping into the other vehicle coming from the opposite direction that has cut in too far inside the right side to save pedestrians or dodging trucks and buses. Compounding the given precarious situation, the phenomenon of unpredictable regular thick fog that occurs in the stretch creates a formidable foe for commuters. It is like a time bomb of mishaps that will explode anytime and predictably it is happening very frequently; a vehicle in the ditch or in the ravine and the latest accident was a taxi that occurred on 4th of this month. It may be noted here that the first sharp turn from Kohima side which is situated about three to four hundred feet away from KMC parking towards Jotsoma had already witnessed several accidents in this very spot but no barricade has been erected till today except a sign board that says ‘Accident Prone Area’ that continue to let unfortunate vehicles going down the gorge.
A humble suggestion is even if expansion of the whole road is not possible, because the area is within a reserved forest area, work on at least the ten sharp curves of the road by five or six feet can be done at minimum cost. It is also suggested that a separate iron structure footpath be constructed wherever the road is narrow for benefit and safety of pedestrians. This will in turn beautify more the already pristine wild forest area with its natural streams. It will be a true local tourist attraction as it leads to an already famed and frequented tourist destination; Puliebadze also called Lover Paradise.
Recently, the Union Road Transport and Highways Minister, Nitin Gadkari had declared a zero tolerance for road accidents and that action should be taken immediately on black spots. The declaration of Gadkari is timely and very much in tune with what is being suggested for Science College, Jotsoma road and even other similar or worse roads existent in Nagaland, for instance, like Wokha Merapani road. Aptly saying that road safety is a serious issue, Gadkari also said that the Central Government is according highest priority to road safety and has set a target to reduce fifty percent of road accident deaths by 2024. Taking the message further, the Minister has asked all Regional Officers and Project Directors to take a pledge of zero accidents. What better clue and opportunity for the concern Roads & Bridges Minister or National Highway Minister of the State to earnestly work on improvement of the Kohima Science College, Jotsoma road and other roads of the State by applying one’s wisdom to take forward the desire of Hoh’ble Union Road Transport and Highways Minister, Nitin Gadkari.
Jonas Yanthan

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