Sunday, August 14, 2022

Health and Family Welfare Kiphire organises cleanliness drives

As a preventive measure to contain various sicknesses that may arise during monsoon season, department of Health and Family Welfare (H&FW) Kiphire in collaboration with the village councils and village health committees carried out village cleanliness & sanitation drive in various health units and villages on June 18.
A press release by Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Kiphire office stated that the health units took the lead towards the drive by mobilising the villages under their centres and along with the villagers the social work was carried out successfully.
The Accredited Social Health Activists(ASHAs) also took active part during the cleanliness drive.
CMO Kiphire said almost all the health units carried out the sanitation drive on the day with active participation from the healthcare workers and villagers.

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