Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Houthis launch ballistic missile at Yemeni army positions

Yemen’s Houthi militia said it launched a ballistic missile at Yemeni army positions in the southeastern province of Shabwa, killing and injuring at least 40 soldiers.
The missile targeted the gathering of the soldiers in the Usaylan district, Xinhua news agency cited Houthi military spokesman Yehya Sarea as saying on Saturday. However, a military official said that only five soldiers were killed, dissing the Houthi claim of 40 victims. Confirming the missile attack, the official said that 11 soldiers were also injured. He said that the missile landed near a military site of the pro-government Giants Brigades. “The Houthis are using missiles to target the pro-government forces, which reclaimed key areas from the Houthis in Shabwa and Marib,” he noted. Saturday’s attack comes after the Houthi militia claimed responsibility for another ballistic missile on January 27 attack.