Thursday, October 6, 2022

Hynñiewtrep National Liberation Council appoints Hynniewtrep National Youth Front prez as its pointsman for peace talks

The outlawed Hynñiewtrep National Liberation Council (HNLC) on Sunday announced the appointment of Sadon K Blah as its ‘representative’ to take forward the proposed peace talks.
In an e-mailed statement, HNLC General Secretary Saiñkupar Nongtraw, said that the president of Hynniewtrep National Youth Front (HNYF), Sadon K Blah will be the representative of the organization. “We have appointed Sadon K Blah President HNYF as our representative, who shall communicate with the government appointed Interlocutors Peter.S.Dkhar (Retd IAS) and A.K.Mishra, Advisor MHA Northeast (Retd IPS) to pursue the peace talks,” he said.
“This is again a positive step towards achieving peace. We are hopeful that our representative and the interlocutors shall work hand in hand to bring forth peace and stability,” Nongtraw said. He expressed hoped that their representative and the two interlocutors would play crucial roles in their respective capacities.
On the other hand, the HNLC also thanked the Khasi Jaintia Church Leaders Forum (KJCLF) for coming forward and expressing their willingness to be a part of the peace process.
“The HNLC hopes that this step would surely create a conducive atmosphere to take things forward to the negotiating table in a better perspective,”Nongtraw said.