Friday, October 7, 2022

Inspection teams visit check gates in Phek, Tuli

Following the state government order to close check gates, the inspection teams of Phek district and Tuli sub-division visited check gates at respective jurisdiction.
According to a DIPR report, the Phek team constituted by Deputy Commissioner, Phek inspected all the check gates on May 23, wherein the Additional Deputy Commissioner (ADC) Phek and Additional Superintendent of Police briefed the police personnel manning the inter-state check Gate at Lanezho and Khezhakeno.
The only tollgate under Phek district was closed and dismantled, besides that, there are no other gates set up by any department in the district, stated the report.
Tuli: Inspection team under Tuli Sub-Division headed by Additional Deputy Commissioner (ADC) Tuli held a meeting on May 24 at ADC office, Tuli and later inspected Watiyongpang check gate.
According to DIPR report, during the visit, only authorized inter-state police gate and forest department gate were found functioning and other departments collecting booths like veterinary, geology & mining, motor vehicle, and TTC toll gate were all closed.
The inspection team also visited the Tsungra bridge where one illegal tax collecting counter was dismantled by the team. Further, for complaints and information one could contact ASI Nungsang at WhatsApp number 6009166545 or mail at