Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Inter-state vehicle lifters nabbed in M’laya


In a major breakthrough, Meghalaya police have arrested 17 thieves and recovered 45 stolen bikes and mobile phones from different locations in Meghalaya and Assam, a police official said on Thursday.
A Special Investigation Team (SIT) headed by Vivekanand Singh Rathore, the district police chief of West Garo Hills cracked the cases of stolen vehicles.
A police official said the SIT was authorised to investigate all undetected vehicle theft cases registered in last five years.
“Through meticulous investigation conducted over last four days, the SIT has recovered 45 stolen bikes and arrested 17 persons on charges of committing theft, robbery, dacoity, forgery, cheating and for habitually dealing with stolen bikes,” Rathore said.
Moreover, 17 mobile phones and other incriminating materials were also seized.
Rathore said the arrested persons also revealed that there are inter-state vehicle theft gangs operating across almost all districts of Assam and Meghalaya.
He said the bikes stolen from Assam are being sold in Meghalaya and vice-versa through garage mechanics and second-hand vehicle sellers.
“Through these recoveries, ten undetected case have been solved,” the police official said.
“Registration Certificates (RCs), Engine Numbers & Chassis Numbers of most of these vehicles were tampered in order to avoid detection by law enforcement agencies,” Rathore said.
He advised buyers that before purchase or sale of vehicles, Police clearance must be obtained in order to avoid unnecessary hassles at a later stage as the vehicle owner is liable for legal action if the concerned vehicle is found to be indulged in any criminal offence, Road Traffic Accident etc.

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