Sunday, August 14, 2022

Jacob inaugurates 2-lane RCC bridge

Staff Reporter

Public Health Engineering (PHE) minister Jacob Zhimomi inaugurated the long awaited two-lane RCC bridge over Dhansiri river (tributary) at Shozukhu-Zukihe village here on Saturday. The completion of the 340-metre Shozukhu-Zukihi RCC bridge would benefit two administrative headquarters of the State and around 50 villages.
Speaking on the occasion, Jacob said the bridge would have been completed in 2021, but Covid-induced lockdown and restrictions delayed it by a year
He said the bridge, which was a long-felt need of the people, would serve as a link for many villages.
Acknowledging the economic hardships faced by the people due to the non-completion of the bridge, Jacob hoped that its completion now would improve connectivity, which would improve the local economy, ensure safety of commuters and provide easy access to healthcare services.
Meanwhile, IT, Science & Technology and NRE adviser Mmhonlumo Kikon, who accompanied Jacob, said the bridge would not only benefit Shozukhu-Zukihe village but also the neighbouring villages.
He noted that bridges played a crucial role in contributing to the country’s economic development and helped people from various communities interact among themselves.
Delivering a short speech, deputy commissioner Niuland Ajit Kumar Verma encouraged the local people to help in maintenance of the bridge. As it was the lifeline of the people, the bridge should be taken care of, he exhorted.
Others who spoke at the programme included ATKK president and head GB Heshito Awomi.
Earlier, dedicatory prayer was said by CLF Khaghaboto president pastor Bokaho Assumi, while plaque was unveiled by the chief guest.
Later, vote of thanks was delivered by KTKK president and head GB Vikato K Achumi and benediction by Zukihe Baptist Church pastor Kaiho Zhimo.
It may be mentioned that people of the area earlier had to use a bamboo bridge or travel via longer routes.


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