Tuesday, August 16, 2022

JC4LFC warns heavy vehicles

Joint Council 4 Lane-Foothill Crossroad (JC4LFC) has warned all concerned drivers of trucks beyond three axle vehicles or ten wheelers to “immediately stop” plying via Old Showuba village.
In a press release, joint council chairman GB Hetoze Chishi and secretary Z. Ato Yimkhiung stated that the said trucks plying through the collage was resulting in the damage of culvert and soiling of roads.
The council has also appealed to the public visiting newly constructed four lane i.e. Nihoto to co-operative village for leisure and picnicking to not litter in the jurisdiction.
It has warned the public littering within the said jurisdiction to restrain from such behaviour, failing which, appropriate action would be initiated as deemed fit by the council.

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