Friday, July 1, 2022

Karbi Anglong bodies submit 6-point charter of demands to Assam CM

After temporarily suspending the indefinite economic blockade on Nagaland on the first day on November 17, some 15 Karbi Anglong- based civil society organizations led by Karbi Students’ Association (KSA) Wednesday submitted a 6-point charter of demands addressed to the chief minister of Assam through DC Karbi Anglong at a meeting Wednesday in Diphu.

It was learnt that the organizations had decided to put on hold the economic blockade on Nagaland, subjected to fulfilment of their demands.

The demands include– 1. holding immediate talks on the border issue between Assam and Nagaland with the Centre as mediator; 2. reconstruction of boundary pillars destroyed by those from Nagaland; 3. withdrawal of IRB (Nagaland) from within Doldoli Reserve Forest, KA; 4. immediate dismantling of all temporary/permanent houses and electric poles erected by Nagas inside Doldoli Reserve Forest; 5. cancellations of all pattas issued by the government of Nagaland inside Doldoli reserve forest under Lahorijan outpost and 6. that Nagaland should not obstruct all developmental works carried by Assam Forest department within Doldoli reserve forest.

The KA organisations also urged upon Sonowal to take prompt action to “protect and regenerate” the Doldoli reserve forest and to evict all encroachers from the reserve forest immediately.

 In their submission, the KA organisations cited the notification issued by the government of Assam No.TAD/R/31/50/151 dated October 13,1951 after inclusion therein and exclusion there from of areas specified in the another notification No.TAD/R/31/50/149 dated April 31,1951 and notification No.TAD/R/31/ 50/150 dated April 13,1951 respectively.

The KA organisations alleged that “a section of Nagas from Nagaland have been constantly making encroachment into Karbi Anglong since long” and occupy a large area inside Doldoli reserve forest.

They also alleged that even recently, “encroachers from Nagaland” attempted to occupy land inside the reserved forest but were foiled jointly by the KA district administration and forest department. They maintained that they temporarily suspended indefinite economic bandh on assurances from the KA district administration that it would seriously take up the matter with appropriate authorities. They said the bandh was to pressurise the governments of Assam and Nagaland in taking action against the encroachers.

The organisations claimed that government of Assam was well aware of “Naga expansionism” and that the incidents along the border were “well planned and guided by the idea of Greater Nagalim”. While reiterating they are not against Nagas’ struggle for ‘Greater Nagalim’, they said it did not mean they would allow occupation of their land and vowed “not an inch of our land should be ceded to Nagaland.”

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