Monday, August 15, 2022

Keoshu extends Metümnyo festival greetings

Advisor IPR & Village Guards, S Keoshu Yimkhiung has extended warm Metümnyo festival greetings to all the members of the Yimkhiung community.
In a message, Keoshu said Metümnyo is one of the important festivals of the Yimkhiung community which is celebrated from first week of August and ends on 8 of August every year after the harvest of millets. He said August 6 to 8 were regarded as “cynosure of the festival” marked by rites and rituals, songs and dances, merriment and friendship.
“It is a festival of sacred rituals, which is primarily performed and celebrated for new born babies and pray for the departed souls who had died in the preceding year and for those who would die during the year”, the advisor said. He added that the souls of the death were honoured by setting food provisions as it is postulated that they visit homes of their living relatives, in order to lead away the souls of those who are destined to die before the advent of Metümnyo festival. The advisor also said that it was a festival of reconciliation, forgiveness and building strong bond between brethren and neighbours.
Further, he hoped that the festival would bring everyone, joy, love, peace, unity and prosperity throughout the year.

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