Saturday, August 13, 2022

Khehovi graces Tuluni festival at Tichipami village

Tichipami village celebrated Tuluni festival on Thursday, with advisor for Tourism, Art & Culture, H. Khehovi Yeputhomi as Tuluni Papu (special guest).
In a press release, PA to the advisor informed that in his address, Khehovi said Tuluni was one of the most important Sumi festivals and expressed joy to be a part of the festival in the village.
While appreciating the village elders for nurturing and instilling the traditional and cultural values to the village youth, the advisor urged upon every village elder to continue passing down their knowledge to the next generation, in order to preserve and practice their age-old cultural values.
Khehovi also acknowledged the community of Tichipami village for maintaining the traditional jail in the village, which he said, has kept rules in place.
He added that this was one of the reasons why people in the village were disciplined and well-mannered.
The advisor also reminded the gathering of when Tichipami village was presented with the opportunity to represent Sumi community in the 2018 Hornbill Festival testifying their “unity in all aspects”.
In his concluding remarks, he acknowledged the area GBs and leaders from all villages for accompanying him and making the programme special and lively with their presence.

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