Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Khehovi graces Yehemi village centenary celebration

Advisor for Tourism, Art and Culture H Khehovi Yeputhomi graced the Yehemi village 100 years centenary on February 6 at Yehemi village.
Speaking at the programme, the advisor congratulated Yehemi villagers for attaining 100 years of Christianity. He said Yehemi is one of blessed villages who have produced many prominent leaders in government sectors and national workers.
Khehovi informed that Yehemi is the parent village of 13 villages as there are altogether 13 villages who have migrated from Yehemi village and have established separate villages.
The advisor urged Yehemi villagers to continue to count their manifold blessings and thank God because they themselves have been the witnesses for the past 100 years after embracing Christianity in their village. He told Yehemi people to live life as an example to the world by exhibiting the life of 100 years maturity as a Christian.
The advisor said it was his constant appeal to the people of his constituency living in towns to construct houses in their respective villages. He maintained that Yehemi village is presently the perfect example because almost all the Yehemi town dwellers have constructed their own respective houses in the village, for which he lauded them and added that Yehemi village have now apparently become like a well-developed town and further appealed other villages to follow suit.