Sunday, August 14, 2022

Khuza & Mutsale settle decades-long boundary dispute in Phek District: Nagaland


Khuza and Mutsale villages settled decades-long boundary dispute on Friday, at a monolith laying programme in Phek district.
The boundary monolith, which was laid by NPF legislature party leader and UDA co-chairman, Kuzholuzo (Azo) Nienu testified the mutual commitment of the two villages to live in harmony.

In a press release, office of the Phek Area Public Organisation (PAPO) informed that Azo in his speech, said peace was the need of the hour in Nagaland.
He said Nagas were “badly divided by problems” such as tribalism, factionalism, groupism, boundary dispute etc.
“If peace is not advocated among the Nagas, I will not be surprised if one fine day Naga disintegrate,” Azo stated.
Acknowledging the villages for coming together for peace, Phek deputy commissioner (DC) Razouvolie Dozo said development would flourish through peaceful coexistence.
In this regard, he urged upon the villages to exercise trust and confidence between each other.
Phek SP, Vesupra Kezo congratulated the villages on the peaceful settlement of the long-standing boundary dispute while convenor, PAPO jury board, Nekhusa Venuh urged upon them to abide by the judgment order in letter and spirit.
After delivering speeches, Mutsale village council chairman Zaneo Nienu and Khuza village council chairman Nesapra Vero shook hands as a symbolic gesture of peace between the two villages.
Earlier, prayer for boundary monolith was offered by pastor 5th NAP Baptist Church Phek, Pastor Khuza Village Baptist Church, Rev. Puduhu Khusoh and pastor Mutsale Village Baptist Church offered invocation and benediction prayer respectively while PAPO finance secretary Shevohu Nienu proposed vote of thanks.
The programme was also attended by district administration, PAPO members and village leaders.
PAPO informed that the land dispute spanning more than nine decades (dating back to the British era) witnessed confrontations and bloodshed, however, this was amicably settled on April 29, 2021.
The organisation said this was made possible through the grace of God, initiatives of Azo and Kedallo NNC/FGN, Zhopra Vero, efforts of PAPO, support from Razouvolie Dozo and compliance of the two villages to live in peaceful coexistence.

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