Monday, August 15, 2022

Killing on Indians in Myanmar: Bodiesof two youths yet to be handed over


Tensions in Manipur’s Moreh town heightened on Friday when news of Myanmar authorities disposing the dead bodies of two Indian nationals killed in neighbouring Tamu town went viral on social media.
The already beefed up security in the border town and along the Indo-Myanmar border line has been further tightened in view of the viral news.
Myanmar authorities are yet to hand over the dead bodies of Indians from Moreh were killed in Tamu town of the neighbouring country on July 5 last.
At a time when residents of the border town and CSOs based in the town were pressing the Indian authorities to retrieve the bodies, the news of disposal of the two bodies by Myanmar authorities in Tamu town went viral.
Despite their best efforts to cull out confirmed news, Indian authorities were not able to receive any official confirmation on the disposal of the bodies.
As per the news circulated in the social media, Myanmar authorities in Tamu had cremated the bodies as unclaimed bodies.
Top officials of the state government, including an IG of the state police, who were camping in the border town today paid a visit to the houses of the two deceased.
While sharing the grief of the families, the officials convinced them that they were trying their best to retrieve the bodies.
They said they have repeatedly written to their counterparts in Tamu of Myanmar to know the latest status of the dead bodies but have not received a response from the Myanmar authorities.
Besides, they were also facing hardships in communicating with the Myanmar authorities in Tamu town as there have been changes in the country after the military took over the administration.
On the other hand, authorities of the government of India have also taken up the matter with their counterpart Myanmar authorities through diplomatic channels.
Later, the top officials also met leaders of the various Moreh based CSOs and informed them about the steps being initiated from the Indian side to hand over the bodies.
After report of disposing of the dead bodies, CSOs today convened a meeting to decide further course of action.
The meeting reportedly reaffirmed its decision to urge Indian authorities to retrieve the dead bodies within the 24-hour, a deadline they had earlier set.

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