Monday, October 3, 2022

Kiyevi issue: WSYF seeks CS intervention

Serves three-week eviction ultimatum

Western Sumi Youth Front (WSYF), under the aegis of Western Sumi Hoho , on Wednesday served a three-week ultimatum on the State government to evict the “self-styled proclaimed villagers of Lamhai Namdhi from the village land of Kiyevi.”
In a representation to the chief secretary, WSYF president Mughavi Awomi and general secretary Bohoi K. Yeptho cautioned that the front would be compelled to resort to its “own traditional means and ways of protecting our land”, adding that the “consequences and the responsibility”, thereafter, will remain, squarely, on the state government.
WSYF said the front sought prompt action of the State government with regard to the “unilateral creation of the so-called Lamhai Namdhi village within the established area of Kiyevi village.”
It said that Kiyevi, for years and decades, weathered all the pains, tears and sweat, to transform what was once, inhabitable, into a habitable settlement. “Kiyevi today will be committing gross injustice to the sacrifices shouldered by our fathers and grandfathers, if their selfless sacrifices rendered yesterday are undervalued,” it said. However, WSYF lamented that Lamhai Namdhi did not recognise the reality of how it all came about, but accused it of being “hell-bent” on its “might is right” policy to occupy the “habitable made” clearings sacrificed made by Kiyevi.
“Does it not prick the conscience to force occupy without even thinking of bothering to peek into how much Kiyevi has done to safeguard the Naga’s land by establishing a village against all odds? Where were you then, during those unimaginable times?” WSYF asked.
Besides making it known to the State government on several occasions through the print media on the reality of the issue, WSYF said it had also submitted a representation to the chief minister with detailed report of the issue through the DC Dimapur on April, 1 2021. However, WSYF alleged that the government failed to exercise its June 25, 2019 standing order directing both sides to maintain status-quo. WSYF also alleged that the government allowed Lamhai Namdhi to override the order and construct structures.
WSYF said it was only concerned about the “inefficiency, if not partiality”, of the government and its agency, in the implementation of the government order.
WSYF said the front felt the need to express the above issue since the failure of the government was, once again, exposed, when the July 8, 2019 order of the Home Commissioner, restricting both sides, even not to loiter in and around the “made believe” disputed area, and further ordered to evict people present in that said area.
It further said that posting of armed police (IR) personnel to oversee the implementation of the order was simply thrown to the wind, and alleged that under the very eye of the police force, illegal construction was allowed to proceed. And adding insult to injury, WSYF claimed that “paddy fields and plantations of not only Kiyevi’s, but also of Hetoi, Khehoi and Vihuto villages were cut down and destroyed.”
While stating that WSYF was firm on standing by the law of the land, it however, said that “when the rule of the law fails, and when push comes to shove, WSYF, as any self respecting organisation, will not hesitate in furthering its course of action.”
WSYF, however, asserted that it does not desire to go beyond the prescribed law to address a solution to a problem.