Sunday, August 14, 2022

Kma Super Cup: Barak to meet New Market in final today


As one of the main football events for the State capital, Kohima Super Cup (KSC) draws to an end, all eyes are now focused on the two finalists-Barak FC and New Market FC as to who would emerge as the new champion.
Organised by Kohima Town Club, KSC started off on the May 16 with 17 teams in total which has now boiled down to the two top teams gearing up for the one last showdown. The first round was played in a knockout format where half of the teams including Crimsoune Club, Highlanders FC, Secretariat United, IGS XI, United 4 FC, Wolves XI FC, United Brothers FC, Pro-D-Og’s FC, and Naga Brothers FC took a shot at the title but failed.
Soon after that the league matches started from the quarter final round with winners of the first round New Market FC, Hurricane Boys Phesama, Sechü FCA and G-Sports FC making up the Group-A while Barak FC, A-Yhome FC, Magdaline Coaching FC and Aphuyemi FC were the Group-B teams.
New Market and G-Sports were the clear winner of their group as none of the teams lost any match and even when they faced off each other the match ended in a draw.
On the other hand, all the teams in the Pool-B won and lost a match each out of the 3 scheduled matches. However, in the third and final matches for the group Barak and A-Yhome emerged as the two semi-finalists, the former by goal difference points and the latter by winning.
New Market had maintained an impressive run in this edition of the Cup having conceded no loss so far and it remains to be seen whether the team would be able to sustain its charm even in the final.
Undisputedly the oldest football club in the State capital, New Market FC is in its 45th year of existence and is one of the most recognisable names with a rich history producing some very renowned players along the years.
The current team is led by Haotingmang (Victor) Thomsong as the captain. In a stark contrast, Barak FC, formed by a group of sports loving people, with its tagline “More Than A Game” is only in its 11th year as a club.
The club soon after its formation became well known after it took part in various major football tournaments in the State and earned its place in the hearts of sports lovers. After a hiatus of 5 years, the club is making a comeback through this cup.
The closing ceremony will begin from 5:30 a.m. with NBOCWWB chairman, Dr. Kekhrielhoulie Yhome, as the special guest.
The champion of the Super Cup will walk home with a cash prize of Rs. 1,80,000 along with trophy and citations, while the runners-up will be richer by a sum of Rs. 1,20,000.
The two losing semi-finalists A-Yhome FC, G-Sports FC will also get Rs. 30,000 each.
The individual awards include: player of the tournament, best coach, best referee, best midfielder, best keeper, best defender, best striker, highest scorer, most promising player and best fans club award.
Toka Achumi of Aphuyemi FC is currently the leading scorer of the tournament with 9 goals closely followed by Nyithong Magh of New Market FC with 8 goals.


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