Monday, August 8, 2022

Kohima Super Cup begins today


One of the much-awaited football events for the capital city dwellers, Kohima Super Cup (KSC) organised by Kohima Town Club (KTC), will begin on Monday at Indira Gandhi Stadium, Kohima with the inaugural function scheduled from 1 p.m. onwards.
Erstwhile Kohima Super League, KSC, will see the participation of 17 teams from all across the State and the organisers have expressed optimism that the event would be a treat for the football lovers both in the city and also from the neighbouring districts.
The recent Dr. T Ao’s Trophy held in Mokokchung which saw a record number of spectators, both live and online, may be hard to be replicated. however, KSC is also likely to draw its own crowd and a fan following if the previous two events held in 2017 and 2018 were to be taken into account.
Although it would be sad for half of the participating teams as the first round would be played in a knockout format, starting from the quarter finals, the cup would be played in league format and football lovers will get the chance to thoroughly enjoy the game during the event.
The organisers had earlier informed that team points would be solely determined by goals and in the event of a tie, the winner would be picked through a coin toss.
The 17 teams lining up for the cup are New Market FC, Crimsoune Club, Highlander’s FC, Secretariat United, Hurricane Boys Phesama, United 4 FC, Sechü FC Academy, IGS XI, G-Sports FC, Barak FC, Wolves XI FC (U-19), A-Yhome FC, United Brothers FC, PRO-D-OG’S FC, Magdaline FC, Naga Brothers, and Aphuyemi FC.
During the fixture draw, New Market FC and Crimsoune Club emerged as the two teams which would be playing the opening match on Monday after the inaugural ceremony. The winner of the match would then go on to join the other 7 teams and make up one of the two groups of eight teams each.
Some of the fan favourite teams like Barak FC, New Market FC, G-Sports FC and Aphuyemi FC, have displayed their calibre in some previous events and have earned a place in the hearts of football lovers. With a prize pool of over Rs 4 lakhs, the champions would walk away with a chunk of the pool amounting to Rs 1.80 lakhs along with the bragging rights for a year. The runner up would have to settle for a cash prize of Rs 1.20 lakhs while the two semi-finalists would each receive a sum of Rs 30,000.
The enhancement of prize money for player of the tournament to Rs 25,000 is the most lucrative individual prize money for this edition. Other individual prizes up for grabs are: most promising player, best midfielder, best defender, best keeper, highest scorer, who will each receive a cash reward of Rs 10,000. And in a first for the cup, individual prizes for the best coach and best referee will be introduced.
A nominal amount of Rs 50 will be charged as entry fee for one person which would then be enhanced to Rs 100 from the semi-final matches keeping it at par with the rise in the excitement level. And for those failing to turn up at the live matches, highlights of the daily matches can be viewed on YouTube at Naga Manu Productions.


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