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Kronu calls for conservation and preservation of bio-diversity

Kohima | Publish Date: 12/13/2021 1:27:02 PM IST

Nagaland planning & coordination, land revenue and parliamentary affairs minister, Neiba Kronu on Monday called on the people of Phusachodu village to maximise their effort on conservation of forests and biodiversity.

Speaking at the inaugural function of the golden jubilee celebration of Phusachodumi Youth Society (PYS) at Phusachodu village in Phek district, Kronu said that forest conservation would not only facilitate sustainable water sources but would also determine the pride and wealth of the state.

He called on PYS to strictly enforce ban on hunting and jungle burning and assured construction of a marketing shed in the village for farmers to sell their produce.

On the ongoing two-lane road projects within Phek district, he was optimistic that Phek district would become one of the best roads in the state in two years’ time.

The minister also informed that the government would pay attention towards the improvement of medium and agri link roads in the state.

Touching on sports, he said that prominent sports persons were regarded as the most respected persons in the world today.

Stating that there was no easy route to succeed in the field of games and sports, he said that it required enormous amounts of labour, dedication and sincerity. 

In this regard, Kronu encouraged the youth to take sports seriously as a casual attitude would not yield any positive result.

Also speaking on the occasion as guest of honour, commandant 10th NAP (IR) Zhadima, Vekhosa Kotso advised PYS to revive indigenous games.

He also encouraged the youth to focus on regular practices and choose the discipline wisely according to their ability and physical structure.

PYS president Vesüli Theluo delivered presidential address while PYS games and sports secretary, Besuhtsoyi Vero administered oath to the participating teams.

The golden jubilee celebration would continue till December 17.

Four khels would be competing for top honours in track and field events and games.