Tuesday, September 27, 2022

KSCDL initiates data collection as part of UOF

Kohima Smart City Development Ltd (KSCDL) has initiated the process of collecting data pertaining to Kohima city from various departments/agencies/organisations as a part of the Urban Outcomes Framework (UOF) 2022.
With the submission dateline for UOF fixed at September 15, 2022, KSCDL appealed for cooperation and active participation from stakeholder departments and public to put Kohima in a fair ranking.
In order to measure the performance of cities across India, Smart City Mission has undertaken initiatives such as Ease of Living Index (EoLI), Municipal Performance Index (MPI), Climate Smart Cities Assessment Framework (CSCAF) and Data Maturity Assessment Framework (DMAF).
In the past, data for these frameworks were collected at different times and cycles, thus having issues like overlapping, duplicity and more time and effort being expended in the exercise.
Through UOF 2022, data across 14 sectors covering 442 data points would be streamlined so that there was increased focus on data collection and disaggregated data could be analysed and used for ranking by domain experts.
The various initiatives/frameworks covered by UOF 2022 includes EoLI, which was quantified across quality of life, economic ability and sustainability. Another element was Citizen Perception Survey; MPI aims to study accomplishment of municipalities across service while CSCAF was launched with an objective to provide roadmap for Indian cities in combating climate change.
Kohima was ranked among top 10 smart cities in DMAF 2.0.
For more information regarding the urban Outcomes Framework 2022, one may visit https://smartnet.niua.org/uof-2022/.